Women Reveals: 5 Types Of Vag@na And How You Can Enjoy Them

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Not all va_ginas are the same. Even though you have had a lot of se_xual partners, you might not have had a taste of all the delicacies out there. Each va_gina type has its benefits, so read on to know how to have a good time when you encounter them.

1. The tight va_gina: Some women are naturally tight, no matter how many se_x partners they have had. Men that find it difficult to last long in bed will need to be extra careful here, as this va_gina is capable of massaging every inch of your di_ck and literally squeeze the man juice out of you within seconds.

2. The Loose va_gina: If you are very well endowed and women are uncomfortable having se_x with you, perhaps you need a woman with a loose va_gina. This does does not automatically mean she is a sl_ut, by the way, as once again, some things just happen naturally. Big-dic_ked men will finally feel at home with this woman.

3. The fat lipped va_gina: This is capable of providing extra cushion for your junk. Although, most men find it visually appealing but encounter not much difference during pene_tration itself. But if you are into giving oral s_ex, then this might be the best kind for you.

4. The bo_ny vag_ina: Skinny or petite women are usually this way. It can feel really snug around your di_ck, but some men report that having their sensitive part come in contact with hardness can be offputting.
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