Popular Nollywood Actress Attempts To R@pe Male Colleague In The Toil@t

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Actor Uche Maduagwu has accused some unnamed actresses of s*xually harassing single male folks in the industry.
According to him, he was busted in the restroom in Enugu State by an actress who tried to r*pe him if not for the alarm he raised.
Meanwhile, his claims can’t be verified by any eyewitness. Mr. Maduagwu has been linked with controversies and issues of voyeurism.

Few days agod the actor accused some Nollywood stars of not wearing panties on set which led to bitter reactions on social media.
Read the story below:
“I am tired of all this s*xual harassment from most of our so called female celebrities, especially top actresses in Nollywood… For the fact that i am single doesn’t mean I should give in to your s*xual advances. Let me categorically state that I am single but am not searching… I have had so many actresses in nollywood played and toiled with my heart in the past, and am not ready to allow it happen again, why is it that every time I am on a movie location in Asaba, I get s*xually harrassed by some actresses? I have tried to tell them politely that I am not interested in having any relationship yet, but they keep forcing themselves on me. The last movie location I was on in Enugu, that’s how a particular actress tried to force herself on me while I was in the toilet… If not that i screamed aloud, i might had gotten myself r*ped..This is getting out of hand, and I think it is not good at all. I am not the type of actor that sleeps around, I am God fearing and the last thing I will ever do is to allow one actress seduce me into sleeping with her while am on a movie location, I don’t mix business with pleasure dear, I am very professional. I know of some actors who will easily fall for this, but am sorry, am not like the rest. I have dignity.”
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