Incredible Way My Hall Mate Aborted Her Baby

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She's not really my friend anyway,she's just my hall mate that we happen to be in the same hall in school and I would like to share a story and also pass a message with this. Please be patient when reading this and also forgive my errors if noticed. *Names changed*

We are students of "agricultural university of clock" and this is our second year already,we are moving and its quite a good thing.

Her name is Tola and she stays in the same hostel hall as mine but different rooms,well I have heard stories about her and she's also a pastor daughter and everyone knows tola,she's jovial and all sorts but her vagina cannot rest.. We don't know why.

Recently she has been moving around with some big girls and its a very good thing to step up your game and all sorts,but unfortunately they have been sleeping with peoples father. Her friend that's my own friend spoke to her in my presence on a WhatsApp call but tola will not listen. And after 3months she went low and was good until she decided to settle down and she is now dating someone in another department from ours and she got pregnant and she aborted it with an hanger..

I mean how did I know?well its not a rumour, it happened because the V.C of my school got this and sent some people to come and disinfect their room and also take her to the school clinic while some of her friends followed her and the gist got confirmed and also take away the foetus in the toilet.

Please ladies,let us be careful and patient with the way we have sex,its not every time that its sex,even if you'll be having sex,definitely not with someone that cannot afford to take care of a baby, because news also got to us that she got pregnant for a tout or so,I think the big joystick got her dicked down..its disappointing.

Some of us will say she's suffering or its poverty,see ehn,her parents are really rich!I don't even know how she got engaged with touts.. Its just that,they are really strict and she only gets to do this in school..

A word is enough for the wise sha,let me stop typing now because I'm not typing with my Acer mini but my S31 and my thumbs are aching grin.

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