Woman brutally beats husband to death

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A 42-year-old New Jersey woman was on Monday evening charged with murder after she clobbered her husband to death.
Mrs Laciana Tinsley, 42, killed her murdered her husband, 72, with a fire extinguisher.
Mrs Laciana Tinsley descended upon her 72-year-old husband, Mr Douglas Tinsley, with a strange weapon following an alleged acrimonious exchange.
Burlington county prosecutor’s office says Mrs Tinsley struck Mr Tinsley in the head multiple times with a fire extinguisher, instantly killing the helpless old man.
Though the tragic incident is still under investigation, with the police trying to establish the real motive behind the murder, Mrs Tinsley's lawyer says she acted in self-defense, claiming that Mr Tinsley was suffocating his wife.
Mr Tinsley met his death inside the Wellingboro Township, Hancock Lane.
Meanwhile, the killer-wife will remain in police custody until a judge decides whether to grand her bail or keep her in jail much longer.
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