Is This Lady Really A Graduate?

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The social media has gone agog following the activities of some fresh Nigerian graduate who decided to appreciate God for seeing her through school.

The unidentified graduate posted some pictures of herself and friends with some description attached to them. While many youths find it hard getting over the euphoria of graduating from school and moving on with their lives, this girl made a wrong choice going about it.

Nigerian student boasts about being a 'BSc'.

Her post would make you wonder if she truly deserves to be a graduate as she stands a chance of damaging the integrity of the educational system in the country.

The post here will make you curious about the institution that produced her and what the future holds if we have thousands of graduates like her in the society.

It is also possible for one to question her performance in school if she cannot express herself in simple tenses. Do you think she should have been allowed to graduate in the first place?
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