Ahmadu Bello University ABU 2017/2018 post graduate diploma, Masters, Mphil & Phd forms are out

The school's 2017/2018 session post graduate forms i.e Post graduate diploma, Masters, Mphil and Phd forms are out and are available for sale in the school premises. The post graduate diploma form goes for 38,750 Thirty eight thousand seven hundred & fifty naira).The Masters ( Both professional Masters e.g MBA & MPH and Regular Masters i.e Msc,MA Etc) forms go for the sum of N33,900 (thirty three thousand nine hundred naira only) while the PHd forms go for N44,550 (Forty four thousand five hundred and fifty naira) only excluding bank charges. The forms come as scratch cards with 25 digit pin code which after purchase gives the candidate access anywhere in the world on the school's website. GUIDELINES FOR FILLING APPLICATION FORMS (a) All application forms come as scratch cards and are available for sale in the school premises OR online through the help of the school secretary these scratch cards come with 25 digit pin & Confirmation code which should be used to fill the form on the school's official website (b) Incomplete information from an applicant may delay or halt action on such application. (c) A candidate may apply to only one department or programme. (d) Applicants are to upload their relevant details and submit along with their application electronically (e) Acknowledgement of Application: Applicants would be informed electronically (through the e mail addresses provided in the electronically filled Application form) of progress in the processing of their forms. For more information,inquiries and quick assistance in purchasing the forms to make it easy for busy applicants or group of applicants Call Dr.David of the school admin on 08118830514.
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