Consumption of internet is increasing day by day and due to this internet service providers are also increasing. But the major problem which consumer are facing is slow speed. Usually providers get failed to provide the committed speed and we as a consumer end up getting sluggish internet speed. And in most of the cases we are not even aware about our speed. So how to check how much speed we are getting ? and what are best free tools to check the accurate speed?

Currently there are two free websites through which you can check your internet speed with free of cost. Internet charter speed test and Verizon speed test. Both websites use OOKLA technology which is one of the best technology to measure the internet speed. But still you won't get the 100% accurate speed if your service provider is not one of them. if you are using different internet service provider then it would be more closing result of your search.

How to check speed with Verizon and charter speed test.

Checking internet speed is an easy task and no registration or signup is required. following are the steps involved in order to check the speed.

visit their official website

Now click on the button of begin test

the whole process would take approximately 2 to 3 minutes.

After processing you will get you results which would include your download and upload speed.

Accuracy would be 100% accurate if you are using of these service provider.

How accurate would be the results with these tools ?

Analyzing internet speed involves many complex procedure including server, device, and routers. so finding exact result is quite difficult. Maximum we can do is to get maximum possible result of our search.

These tools provide 100% accurate results of your test. But make sure you are using one of the service provider else you end up getting only the closer result of your test. This because these website consume some data while doing the test so providing 100% accuracy would be impossible. for this you need non ISP hosted website like and testmynet. Where you can get 100% accurate result.

Pros and cons of checking speed with Verizon and charter speed test.

Both websites have their own merits and demerits based on the technology and other factors. So before analyzing your results we need to consider all the factors while measuring the results.


These tools allows you to check the internet speed with free of cost

You can get an approximate idea of your uploading and downloading speed.

These websites use OOKLA tehnology which is a leading internet test provider in the world.

You don't need any kind of registration. simply open the website and begin the test.

if you are using the same network then it will provide the most accurate result of your test.

Even if you are out of network you can still check the speed but it will slightly vary. If other factors are not impacting your speed

It is good to find whether our internet service provider is providing committed speed.


Despite being one of the best still it does provide you most accurate result if you are out of network

Since it is not an non ISP hosting it consume data while testing. so we comprise a slight data variation while checking speed.

They use ookla technology but our results also based on device, routers and some other technical factors which is sometimes out of control. So sometimes we can only receive approx results.

If you need better results then paid and non ISP hosted could be your last resorts. However we have found that they are delivering up to 90% accuracy.


It is really important to check the internet speed because we have to make sure that we are getting optimum speed from our internet service provider. Verizon and charter speed test are good option to check the internet speed with free of cost. But we need to ensure that these deliver best result only if we are in network else we have to content our self with approx results. We can check our speed with click of button and no registration is required.

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