Why Do Pastors Sleep With Other People's Wives?

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Presently, Pastor Peter Israel Obaseki, the founder of one of the fastest growing churches in Benin City - Divine Grace of Glory Church - is at logger heads with many of his colleagues (pastors) in Edo State. In fact, most men of God in the state don’t relate with him. They are disgusted by him to a level that each time he gave out his church Almanac to his fellow men of God, they tore it shortly after he left their offices.

But, just like Prophet T.B. Joshua, while facing "persecution" in so many fronts, Pastor Obaseki has been waxing stronger as people come from all parts of the country to receive healing in his church. As a matter fact, his gigantic church edifice is a great testimony to what he has learnt from TB Joshua whom he described as his mentor and spiritual god father.

The controversy surrounding this man of God took Saturday Vanguard to Divine Grace of God last Monday for an encounter. Among the issues he addressed is the level of moral decadence in the society and the roles of pastors in nation building.

“The society is actually corrupt and it is supposed to be the duty of men of God to assist in bringing sanity to the society. But unfortunately, you will find out that most of us pastors are after wealth, and when a pastor is after money, you can never be after God. And today you see a lot of pastors going to see native doctors, herbalists to prepare charms for them so that they will become miracle workers. That is not of God. Today, many are accusing Prophet TB Joshua that he is not of God but some of these people are the worst pretenders on earth.

“When we deny the truth, we will remain in darkness. What Joshua is doing in this country, I have not seen a man of God doing that in this country and that is why every man of God should stop judging each other. So many pastors are too fast in judging others. We have so many fake pastors. There are so many people that have deiced not to go to church again because of what pastors have done to them. I have had many of such people in my church.

“Pastors have exploited them, cheated on them, carted away people’s property, pastors have even taken some people’s wives and this situation has corrupted the minds of a lot of people and they have decided to remain pagans. So it is sad that some of us who are pastors that are supposed to repair the society are now problems to the society. I see this as a satanic trick to collapse the society. A lot of pastors have criticized me, but I am very happy that they criticized me because when they do that, I know that God is using me to do his job.

“For example, when I married twelve years ago, it was difficult for me to have children. My wife was always having miscarriage until I went to Synagogue Church of God Mission and the man of God TB Joshua prayed for me and gave me the anointing oil and water. My wife used it and got pregnant and we had a baby girl.

"When my wife was pregnant of that child they said it was fibroid that she should go for operation.
But we kept on using the anointing water until the day she delivered. Yet rumour mongers did not rest, they said Pastor Israel has gone to buy a child. When they heard that I went to TB Joshua they said TB Joshua has given me a magic child. After that my wife delivered another child, a baby boy, they still went to town that it’s another magic. But I am not troubled with all that and I believe that Prophet TB Joshua is real and not fake.”

Hmmm...indeed it will be all man for himself on the last day!
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