Are Prosperity Pastors Increasing Poverty?

sunshinesunshine Posts: 193Administrator, Moderator
I really don't get the point of these prosperity gospels (By the way; why doesn't the ellipsis work on NL? huh )

Such pastors make the people in their congregation depend too much on prayer and seed-sowing. I feel like the most ignorant of people rake in the little money they make, 'sow' a seed and pray to magically get rich. Surely this is bad?

I've been to some churches where the topic is usually about sowing seeds and praying against supposed 'spirits' padlocking undecided their luck. I honestly don't think this is healthy for the mind. Why cant the money raised from the seed sowers be used to support familys, education - wise.

And for **** sake who is this so-called 'enemy' that they waste time praying against?
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